What is PolitePol.com all about?

PolitePol is a web service where you can create RSS feed for any page on the internet. If you need an RSS feed but some website doesn't produce such you can use PolitePol.

What is RSS feed?

RSS feed is a source of information in a special format. This source (internet address) you can pass to an RSS reader application. There are a lot of RSS readers: Feedly, NewsBlur, Inoreader etc. Just choose one of them.

What is XPath?

XPath is language which is used for html pages parsing. If PolitePol service doesn't create XPath selectors which fit your requirements you can edit them manually. For more details read this.

I don't have time to dive into XPath and such things. How can I create feed?

We offer paid option "Expert help request". You can have the help with button Expert help request on setup page.

How to cancel my paid subscription?

Go to "Orders" page and cancel your subscription.

How to add dates to my RSS feeds?

PolitePol provides date and time to every news item. Every time PolitePol sees the new items it assigns current date and time to them. If you still need date parsing please contact us.

I have another question not covered in this FAQ.

You can ask your question via email .